About Us

GOAL!Maryland fully supports D.C. United’s move to Prince George’s County. After 13 years, we believe the time has come for United to have a permanent home, giving the fans and the team the stadium they deserve. 

Welcome Home, United!

mail4Jim Halle has been passionate about soccer as long as he can remember. Halle played in high school and college and went on to play club ball in and around Maryland for several years. He was on the organizing committee for the 1994 World Cup in Washington, D.C. and, following that tournament, attended the World Cup Finals in France ’98 and Germany ’06, and will go to the upcoming World Cup Final in South Africa (2010). Now an investor and stockbroker at Chapin Davis, he still plays in pick-up games on weekends and maintains the website WorldXI, which is devoted to the history of soccer and its greatest players.

Halle’s love of “the world’s game” has inspired him to spread that enthusiasm at a grassroots and professional level in his home state and beyond. He is incredibly excited about the prospect of a stadium in Maryland and encourages other soccer lovers to voice their support, as well.

horton1Ben Horton heads a private civil law practice and manages

the Maryland operations for MBH Settlement Group, LC. He is also a soccer enthusiast and vocal advocate for open space in Prince George’s County. He is the author of the blog betterparksbetterlives, which promotes the conservation and improvement of parks, recreational facilities, and open space.

Horton’s dedication to his community and the environment has spurred him to embrace the responsible development of a soccer stadium in the county where he lives and works. He believes that the construction and operation of such a stadium would bring to Prince George’s County immeasurable economic, social, and quality-of-life benefits, and he looks forward to seeing that dream become a reality.


We’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas and questions. Email us at goalmaryland@gmail.com


5 responses to “About Us

  1. James

    1) can’t find the Facebook group for some reason…
    2) we should all be pumping up the DCU- UMD friendly this Sunday 1 PM at Maryland’s Ludwig Field

  2. GOAL!Maryland

    Facebook is tough to search sometimes. Try this: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1414645436&ref=name

  3. James

    got it, thanks…I had been looking under the Search Groups function…you’ve got it set up as a person named Goal Maryland…I added as friend

  4. GOAL!Maryland

    I know, thanks James. We’ve also set up a group, which I think you can see from our profile.

  5. Dan

    I do not have a Facebook account as I use Myspace. Do you have a Myspace account for the non-Facebook users?

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