House Bill 1282 will be voted on tomorrow, Monday March 30th, at 11am! Start calling the House Appropriations Committee and tell them you support the bill and United in Prince George’s County! Click here for the list of who to call.


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  1. mighty!

    There is A LOT of talk on Soccer Insider about the lack of planning from the front office in get DC United’s supporters showing support for a stadium in PG.

    I am reposting a comment from fischy… CAN WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN??

    “How about a Morgan Blvd. Love-Fest — what I would call a “Spend-In”?

    DC United holds a rally at the Metro. Supporters then go about the area, spending some of our discretionary income to support local businesses, showing our support for the team and stadium (wear our colors), and maybe meeting up with local business managers, asking them to sign a petition? (Or, do it in the reverse order — presenting our signed petition at the rally)?

    The problem with the first rally was logistics — the timing (lunchtime on a weekday), the location (Annapolis) and the lack of advance notice.

    So — pick a Saturday — when there’s a home game. Move the tailgate to Morgan Blvd, instead of Lot 8 (parking is free on the weekend). After the rally — after our show of support for the TV cameras — we head on to the Metro, for the 12-minute ride to RFK.

    OK — maybe not the whole tailgate — I imagine that there are restrictions about drinking in Metro lots — So, we do it early enough to move the party to RFK.

    Posted by: fischy | March 31, 2009 8:36 PM”

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