United in Our Support

On Saturday, the Screaming Eagles held their season opening rally at Union Jacks in Ballston Commons Mall. About 150 D.C. United fans, soccer enthusiasts, and general supporters of the Black and Red came out to hear Coach Tom Soehn and General Manager Kasper talk about the upcoming season. It was amazing to see such dedicated fans out to support United and begin the planning for attending not only the home games, but the road games as well.

The Screaming Eagles, currently lead by President Paul Sotoudeh, are a very well organized grass roots volunteer organization out to support United and show the greater Washington Metropolitan area what a wonderful league Major League Soccer has become. The day consisted of speeches by the leadership of the Screaming Eagles and Coach Soehn and GM Kasper.

After the speeches were over, the Screaming Eagles then held a raffle to benefit a local charity. After participating in the raffle and speaking with several fans, it was clear to me that these are the exact fans that we should welcome to Prince George’s County. They care deeply about soccer and about their community. They truly represent the creed of DC United, “Win Championships and Serve the Community.” I really look forward to perhaps holding a rally and happy hour in Maryland to show that we too can support this great sports franchise. 

In addition to the Screaming Eagles, we are glad to be joined by other supporters groups, La Barra Brava and La Norte, in working to get the stadium built.


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