Welcome to GOAL!Maryland

Thanks for visiting GOAL!Maryland. Stay tuned for news and updates on D.C. United’s move to Maryland.



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10 responses to “Welcome to GOAL!Maryland

  1. Matt

    Any way we can promote soccer in the United States, specifically Maryland, would be wonderful! “The Beautiful Game” that the rest of the world has elevated to national past-time status is surely on it’s way in to the limelight in coming years. With steroid allegations, tabloid worthy legal issues, and overpaid prima-donnas grating on the nerves of sports fans across the nation, I stand with anyone 100% that is promoting a true sport. Along with that, Maryland’s lack of a professional soccer team, or stadium for that matter, has no doubt stifled the progress and excitement for the sport we love. I’m with you Jim and Ben! Good luck!

  2. mighty!

    1.- MLS Rumors in your Blogroll ADDS ZERO “Street Cred”. If anything it takes away any legitamacy of your campaign…

  3. Gentlemen,

    Glad to see this grassroot effort to keep people in the know. Please contact me via my email address as I have specific questions for the pair of you.

    Thank you,

    Chris Webb

  4. GOAL!Maryland

    Really mighty!? We like that site. What other sites would you suggest for the blogroll?

  5. seahawkdad

    Might I suggest a link to the DC United forum of BigSoccer. There’s a lot going on there about the stadium, including building dismay at what appears to be a fledgling Washington Post anti-campaign. I’ve just written a rather lengthy note of concern to the ombudsman. If you’d like to see it, go to http://www.bigsoccer.com/forum/showpost.php?p=17026068&postcount=454

    These are critical concerns and we collectively need to get out in front of the anti crowd right now.

    Oh, and mighty! is absolutely right about MLS Rumors.

  6. mighty!

    nice edit Mister GOAL!Maryland… while I am not in the business of recommending blogs, I do stand by my previous post regaridng MLS Rumors….. Far too many in the United family have little respect for a site that A) does not list it’s writers B) does not list it’s sources C) fabricates stories made up over a pint or two at Momo’s

    MLS Rumors pales in comparison to the many repected blogs out there … I’d rather read Ives (YES, I would endure the stench of New Jersey internet) than ever follow a link to MLS Rumors..

  7. GOAL!Maryland

    We’ve been hearing a lot of that mighty! so, maybe we’ll take it off. Thanks for the

  8. mighty!

    but seriously, whatever it is you are trying to do, with United … which is not completely clear.. I support 😉

  9. GOAL!Maryland

    Thanks mighty!! We just support United’s move to Maryland, that’s all.

  10. Eric in Baltimore

    Have you been able to find the bill regarding the stadium on the legislative docket yet?

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